Frequently Asked Questions

Why Threadolysis™ is the best choice or method?

This procedure is very safe, simple, cost effective, and natural. You can learn to do this procedure yourself, by attending Manju’s workshop. Most of the time people get burned from waxing there is no such risk with Threadolysis™. It is very difficult to arch eyebrows properly with waxing whereas Threadolysis™ is very precise, fast and safe. You can adopt Threadolysis™ as a self-grooming procedure just like brushing and flossing your teeth or taking a shower. SO THREADOLYSIS™ IS THE ULTIMATE AND SIMPLE SOLUTION TO YOUR COMPLEX SUPERFLUOUS HAIR PROBLEM.

How is Threadolysis different from other hair removal methods?

Threadolysis is different from other hair removal methods because it can be performed on any type of skin and suitable for all genders. No down time or recovery period is required. There is no risk of getting burned or cut. 0With Threadolysis™ hair stays off anywhere from to 2 – 8 weeks depending on individual hair growth. However in majority of people follicles get weaker and weaker due to persistence and frequent hair removal hair sessions, they stop producing hair.It is quick and effecient and very reasonable in price.

Can Threadolysis™ harm me in any way?

No it cannot harm anyone because it is a natural method that does not involve any chemicals or electrical impulses on your skin. However some individuals skin might have a slight temporary irritation. Our herbal based calming solution will sooth and repair skin quickly. After a few procedures are performed the skin develops resistance against discomfort and irritation.

What is Threadolysis™?

Threadolysis is a hygenic, natural, safe and simple hair removal system developed and invented by Manju Oberoi, a licensed aesthetician who has been practicing various hair removal techniques for the past 30 years. She has invented professional tools to perform Threadolysis hair removal procedure.

Where can Threadolysis be performed?

Threadolysis Service can be used to remove hair from face and body. which can be learned by anybody very easily through instructions provided by her. Manju uses a very special string to be attached to this device,and there is a very specific procedure to pull out superfluous hair from face and body left behind after waxing.

Does it hurt?

No. It might be a bit uncomfortable to some individuals the first few times, some area are more sentive than others. Keeping in mind that everybody has a different level of comfort tolerance, and eventually the skin gets immune to this procedure and it feels like a massage on your skin. However a topical anesthetic solution is recommended to avoid discomfort.

Is it permanent?

Yes and no. Yes in a way, the hair removed with Threadolysis™ is pulled out from the skin so that particular hair is damaged permanently. Our skin has 65 hair follicles in a square inch, and each follicle produces at least 27 hair in its productive life span. Based on this theory, when the hair were removed from skin consistently, the moment new hair emerged from it, it was observed that new hair are not coming in so fast and they were less and less in density and thickness. No,hair removal is not permanent, because our body has tremendous healing capacity that our skin repairs it self constantly, and it starts producing hair again. That is why electrolysis has not been so effective. Even lasers turn dark hair lighter and the procedure cannot be performed on everyone because of their own skin pigment problems or their certain ethnic background. So the main problem of superfluous hair is still on the skin. The industry has not been able to find a solution to this problem permanently.




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